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CLASSIC SPAGHETTI WESTERNS: The Deserter (1971) | Full Length Western Free on YouTube | ITALY, USA

CLASSIC SPAGHETTI WESTERNS: The Deserter (1971) | Full Length Western Free on YouTube | ITALY, USA

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Spaghetti Western: THE DESERTER (1971) aka The Devil's Backbone ???? Watch Full Spaghetti Westerns on YouTube for Free ???? A US Army cavalry unit returns from a 2-week patrol to find the inhabitants of an outpost near its home fort have been eliminated by Apache Indians. Among the victims is the savagely tortured wife of the patrol's leader, Capt. Victor Kaleb (Bekim Fehmiu).
Kaleb believes part of the fault lies with the passive fort commander, Major Wade Brown (Richard Crenna). Kaleb shoots and wounds Brown, and deserts the army. He disappears into the southwestern frontier to wage a private war of revenge against Apaches.

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???? Genre: Westerns / Spaghetti Westerns
???? Directed by: Burt Kennedy

⭐️ The Deserter / The Devil's Backbone (1971) film cast:

Bekim Fehmiu as Captain Victor Kaleb
John Huston as General Miles
Richard Crenna as Colonel Wade Brown
Chuck Connors as Chaplain Reynolds
Ricardo Montalbán as Natachai
Ian Bannen as Captain Crawford
Brandon deWilde as Lieutenant Ferguson
Slim Pickens as Tattinger
Woody Strode as Jackson
Albert Salmi as Schmidt
Patrick Wayne (as Pat Wayne) as Captain Bill Robinson
Fausto Tozzi as Orozco
Mimmo Palmara as Chief Mangus Durango
John Alderson as O'Toole

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