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The Case of the Frightened Lady at the Minack Theatre presented by Miracle Theatre

The Case of the Frightened Lady at the Minack Theatre presented by Miracle Theatre

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It’s 1932 and Edgar Wallace, the Fleet Street editor widely known for his hugely popular and successful whodunnits, gets a desperate call from his publisher. With only a weekend to produce a new novel, the indefatigable Wallace leaps into action.

The Case of the Frightened Lady is a hilarious account of the antics of the Wallace household as they flit dizzyingly between reality and fiction, inventing storylines, devising dialogue and arguing over the final denouement.

The result is a hugely enjoyable mix of plot, character, farce and irony plus some unforgettable songs.

Written and directed by Bill Scott with music by Jim Carey
Cast: Tom Adams, Jo Bowis, Benjamin Dyson, Rosie Hughes & Dominic Power
Design: Jude & Alan Munden
Filmed at the Minack Theatre in 2014.

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