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The Disappeared - Feature Film, Drama

The Disappeared - Feature Film, Drama

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*** The producers of The Disappeared wish to acknowledge the urgent struggle by BIPOC and LGBTQ2+ communities to compel society to recognize, accept responsibility for, and end the systemic injustices that have taken place over centuries. They urge all to stand in solidarity in this battle. ||| Les producteurs de The Disappeared souhaitent souligner la lutte urgente menée par les noirs, les autochtones et les personnes de couleur ainsi que par la communauté LGBTQ2+ afin d’encourager la société à reconnaître, assumer sa part de responsabilité et mettre fin aux injustices systémiques qui ont eu lieu depuis des siècles. Ils encouragent à tous d'etre solidaire.***

THE DISAPPEARED stars Billy Campbell (Cardinal), Shawn Doyle (John A: Birth of a Country) and stellar cast of Canadian maritime talents. Writer-Director, Shandi Mitchell brings a unique perspective to an emotional exploration of six men's confrontation with life and death, far away from land , their families and friends. On a brutal and uncaring North Atlantic Ocean, the men must confront a threat to their lives they had not expected.

"They'll stay with you for days."
– Simon Houpt, The Globe and Mail

"It's beautiful and it's brutal, and it'll stick with you long after it's over."
– Lauren Power, The Scope – St. John's

Produced by: Gilles Bélanger, Ralph Holt, Walter Forsyth, Karen Franklin
Director | Writer: Shandi Mitchell Story Editor: Marguerite Piggott
Starring: Billy Campbell, Shawn Doyle, Brian Downey, Ryan Doucette, Gary Levert and Neil Matheson

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